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2. Teens

Do you have a teenager with ADHD or executive functioning challenges? I use a comprehensive approach that combines different methods to achieve the best results possible.

Customized Treatment: I offer a variety of services that address teenagers specific needs and challenges. These include behavioral therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical-behavioral therapy (DBT) skills training, family therapy, coaching, parent coaching, and homework help.


Benefits of Counseling: Counseling can empower your teen to manage their ADHD symptoms effectively. They will learn skills to cope with challenges, boost their self-esteem, and communicate better. Counseling can also reduce stress and increase mindfulness. It can also treat any depression or anxiety symptoms.


Behavioral Therapy: This teaches your teen how to change their behaviors and follow rules. It also trains you as a parent on how to reinforce positive behaviors, set clear expectations, and apply consistent consequences.


CBT and DBT: These help your teen recognize and change negative thoughts and emotions that affect their well-being. These techniques also help with handling stress, anger, frustration, and anxiety. Mindfulness exercises help your teen stay focused on the present and develop self-compassion.


Family Therapy: This involves both you and your teen in sessions that promote positive interactions and effective problem-solving skills. It also targets any unhealthy family patterns. 


Coaching: This focuses on strengthening executive functioning skills such as planning, organizing, prioritizing, and self-monitoring. It also includes emotional regulation techniques, social skills development, and academic performance support.


Homework Help: This provides support and guidance for homework assignments. It helps your teen develop independence and responsibility, not do their work for them. It empowers them to take charge of their academic path.


Action Plan: This is a personalized and collaborative process that involves setting goals and creating a timeline for achieving them. This ensures that you get the most out of your time and resources! We will track progress and celebrate successes together. I am fully committed to supporting your teen’s well-being through various approaches. With their success and happiness in mind, my goal is to help them reach their full potential.





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