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Pencils and Notebooks

4. Homework Help Therapy

Homework therapy can help kids and teens develop better homework skills and habits, which can lead to improved academic outcomes, increased confidence, and reduced stress.

Homework therapy helps kids and teens improve their homework skills and habits. Homework can be a source of frustration and difficulty (i.e. copying assignments correctly, bringing home the correct books, keeping track of due dates, completing assignments, and turning in finished work).


I can assist by teaching strategies to overcome these challenges and make homework less stressful and more manageable. Some of the interventions may involve creating a consistent routine and schedule, setting up an effective workspace, using the right planner, breaking down tasks, incorporating incentives, and employing useful material review techniques.

Homework Help Benefits:  
  • Planning and prioritizing assignments

  • Managing time and deadlines

  • Staying focused and avoiding distractions

  • Organizing materials and information

  • Following instructions and solving problems

  • Completing and submitting work on time

  • Studying effectively for tests

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