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About Me

Background: With nearly two decades of experience as a licensed therapist and later as a coach, I've had the privilege of helping children, teens, adults, couples, and families navigate a wide range of mental health concerns. My diverse experience includes working in outpatient, inpatient, outreach (home and school), and residential school settings. For nine years, I ran a busy private practice in Massachusetts, specializing in working with children and teens; many facing challenges related to ADHD and concurrent conditions. Recently, I relocated to the beautiful state of Florida and established my telehealth practice specializing in the treatment of ADHD and executive dysfunction.


Passion: It was through working as a tutor and conducting homework therapy that I discovered my passion for helping those struggling with ADHD and related comorbidities, those who are neurodivergent, and/or struggling with executive dysfunction.


Education: I hold an MS from the University of Massachusetts Boston and am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Florida. I've also acquired various certifications, including ADHD-Certified Clinical Services Provider, Life Coach, BookNook Tutor, and multiple TESOL and TEFL certificates.


In addition to counseling and coaching, I've gained extensive experience as a private tutor and ESL teacher, with over 12,000 lessons taught and a 5-star rating from more than 2,000 students.


If you're seeking effective support, I'm here to help you gain clarity and find your path! Let's work together to bring your life into focus.
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